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Monday, 4 January 2010

4. Become familiar with the audio and recording status boxes

The audio and recording status boxes have important information for you.
Audio status box

When you are going to listen to audio text, the audio status box shows the time before an audio item begins.

Then the blue bar moves as the audio is playing.

Finally the box shows that the audio text is complete.

The audio status box also has a volume control.

Recording status box
The recording status box first shows how much time there is before the microphone opens.

The blue recording bar moves as you record your response.

Finally the box shows that the recording time is complete.

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Important Test Tips

* Do
Use correct punctuation for writing tasks: full stops, capital letters, commas, etc
Answer the question. If the question asks you to write or speak about sport, write or speak about ‘sport’ NOT ‘science’
Keep strictly within the word limit given for writing tasks
Respond quickly and keep speaking during speaking tasks. The microphone will close after 3 seconds of silence and stop recording

* Don’t
Write ENTIRELY in capital letters. Only use capitals when needed: at the beginning of sentences, names, etc
Click Next (N) before you have completed the task and are ready to move on